Friday Flash: Knives







What was she going to use them on next?


The silver blades shimmered in the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window, capturing her image on their gleaming silver surfaces before she turned away to grab another freshly scrubbed potato from the colander in the shining, porcelain sink. Chop chop chop, went the blade, smooth up-and-down motions repeated again and again, reducing the vegetable before her into ever smaller and smaller bits.


She loved these new knives, worth every penny. It made her want to chop something else, to test their abilities, to watch the thin blades slice through produce, flesh, and other materials like butter.


She stabbed the knife she was using into the counter, but instead it sliced clean through.




She ran into the bedroom, grabbed a pair of old boots and chopped away. Piece of cake!


Smiling grimly, she eyed the discarded Barbie doll in the corner.


Worth. Every. Penny.



*inspired by a prompt from the six minute story site. My #FridayFlash posting has been edited slightly from the original.

**The photo above is of a craft project I completed at the local Maker Space.


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Friday Flash: Creamsicle Tower



The Potentate surveyed his creamsicle tower coolly.

Lord Howard stood behind him, rigid, hands neatly behind his back, and cleared his throat. Loudly.

The monarch continued to regard the sweet monstrosity before him.

Finally, Lord Howard stepped forward and addressed his sovereign ruler. “Sire,” he said, polite and yet as frigid as the ice-cream on the table. “The people in your kingdom have barely enough to eat, let alone food to play with.” His eyes darted to the large dairy-based castle slowly melting onto the linen tablecloth. “If you aren’t going to eat your dessert, you shouldn’t have taken it.”

The five year old dressed in the trappings of wealth and status shifted uncomfortably in his red velvet seat, a look of utmost discontent upon his face.

More tenderly, the Lord took out a silken kerchief and wiped the child’s face.


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**inspired by a prompt from the six minute story site.



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Writing Prompt #123


The countdown had begun.



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Friday Flash: Wine

My schedule and frame of mind have both been a little out of it for the past week or so, so I’m pulling out and dusting off one of my stories from the six minute story site for this week’s Friday Flash. I may do this a few times over the next month, so I hope you enjoy them.

If you aren’t already familiar with the six minute story site, you should visit and check it out. It’s well worth six minutes of your time. :)



If money was the root of all evil, then wine must surely be a close second.

Jasper gazed through the rosy depths of the wine glass in his hand, observing the scene beyond with quiet detachment. Wine had always mellowed him, left him with a feeling a pleasurable distance from his surroundings, as though nothing that happened would effect him at all. He remembered his girlfriend’s anger at his apparent coldness when she informed him of her condition, the way she had yelled and screamed and beat her fists against him as he silently took in her news, analysed the situation, and came to a calm and logical solution.

As he viewed her prostrate form, bent slightly as its image passed through the rounded glass, he admired the beauty of the merlot’s hue against what would otherwise have appeared cold and dead. Its rosy glow surrounded her like a halo.

Was it Emerson who said that the beautiful was God’s handwriting? Jasper smiled and set about worshipping another glass.


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**inspired by a prompt from


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Friday Flash: Superpowered



Harvey Draper strolled down the street, eyes glued to the screen of his brand new phone. At last, his teacher salary was paying off. His first raise! Of course, it was the standard cost-of-living increase his contract demanded, but he didn’t care. He took that extra money and bought – for the first time in his adult life – a brand new smartphone. He rationalized the extravagance as a necessary home phone number coupled with the advantage of unlimited information at his fingertips! He was a TEACHER, for God’s sake. What business did he have not owning a cell phone, like some sort of luddite? It was about time he made use of this technology – for the good of his students, of course.

His thoughts pulled him into previously unknown heights. True, his girlfriend had seemed unhappy with him lately, accusing him of being “emotionally inaccessible,” – whatever THAT meant. He felt things strongly, his emotions almost overpowered him at times – but he could never put what he felt into words. At least now, she couldn’t complain about not being able to reach him. Maybe he should call her? As he continued walking to class, he decided to cut through the park. Buoyed by bliss, his feet barely touched the ground… And then he realized they didn’t.

Caught off guard, he gasped. The shock reflexively caused him to extend his arms, why he couldn’t guess. Maybe some evolutionary throwback or reflex, an insane impulse to flap his arms like a bird or kick as though he could swim through the air… Though there wasn’t even a breeze on this cool, clear, sky blue day. He realized he should be panicking, but he merely glided up into the lower branches of a nearby tree, like an errant balloon. Luckily, the park was sparsely peopled this time of day, the only witnesses to his aerial feat were birds and a few puzzled squirrels.

His mind strayed back to the cell phone, still clutched in one hand. Wildly, he realized that he could google “squirrel facial expressions” while stuck in a freakin’ tree. How cool was that?

How was he going to get out of this tree?

No, it wasn’t panic that filled his soul but elation! Pure joy in the power of his flight, no matter how dangerous or uncontrolled. Perhaps he would join the pantheon of the world’s super-powered defenders, be one of those proud individuals marked for greatness! His body moved upward with each blissful thought, imagining his future heroics and how impressed his girlfriend would be. Noticing the correlation between his philosophical heights and his physical one, he took a chance, gave a quick glance around to make sure no other humans spotted him, and pushed off from the tree’s embrace.

He wondered if there was a cell phone tower close by. Would he get better access if he flew closer to one? How would he even get there?

What the hell was he thinking?

Spitting out a few leaves, he was amazed to discover he soared higher and higher. Birds gazed at him quizzically as he floated past. He spread his arms once more, but this time concentrated on the direction he wanted to go. He whizzed past apartment buildings, soared to the heights of the city’s tallest skyscraper, swooped down with his arms angled before him as though aiming for the ground before sailing back up into the blue.

Flying round a cell phone tower, he realized that through all his experiments he had instinctively held on to his new electronic gadget, the impetus for his latest discovery. He soared a bit higher as he realized he could now text his girlfriend, why hadn’t he thought of that before? Yet another new achievement! – though markedly less impressive than his new super-powered flight. Harvey soon found himself outside the window of her ninth-story apartment, floated outside its drawn curtains, texting her to come to the window “because there was something she just had to see.”

Her reply was succinct. “I don’t care. I’m breaking up with you.”

The moment Harvey read those glowing words, the wind refused to support him. He plummeted to the concrete below. Soon, his girlfriend heard the sound of sirens outside her building and drew the curtains to see the tragedy below. Apparently another would-be hero had failed to survive discovering his superpower.

Poor, flat bastard.



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Writing Prompt #122


Staring at his algebra lesson, Walter bemoaned the fact that there were no snow days in cyberspace.



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Friday Flash: The Three Little Construction Workers



Henry had no skeletons in his closet, no matter what people said.


Construction was in his family’s blood, and Henry, along with his brothers Howard and Horace, had been born to build houses. Rather than combine their talents, however, the three brothers decided to go their separate ways, each one starting his own construction company.


Was it really Henry’s fault that his brothers couldn’t handle the business? Competition had never been their strong suit, but Henry seemed blessed by the gods with good luck. At least when it came to business. Henry had never shared his brothers’ knack for making friends, and most people avoided him when possible.


Unfortunately, his brothers did not share in his good fortune. If only they had agreed to merge their companies and talents! But they refused to see reason, and eventually – despite repeated bribe attempts – Howard and Horace were run out of the construction business for repeated safety violations by the indescribably ferocious building inspector, Wolfgang Howitzer. Miserable after their failed business ventures, they soon disappeared, never to be seen again.


Meanwhile, Henry, who passed all safety inspections regarding the construction of his buildings, enjoyed an unprecedented prosperity that lasted well into his old age. His one close friend, Wolfgang, had never cared about money so much as a good meal, and disposing of Henry’s competition had been a wickedly pleasant endeavor for them both. The Inspector enjoyed several delicious, morally and ethically reprehensible meals, and Henry enjoyed an easy, profitable retirement.


He had no skeletons in his closet, having stowed them both safely beneath the cement foundation of his most successful apartment building.




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Writing Prompt #121


His frustration welled in his eyes, spilling down his fingers like drops of rain.



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Book Review: Tainted by A.E. Rought



Tainted, by A. E. Rought, continues the modern Frankenstein story of Alex Franks and his girlfriend, Emma, as they cope with the tragic consequences of Alex’s reanimation. They thought that the ability of Alex’s father to hurt them ended with Dr. Franks death, but the events he set in motion continue to haunt them from beyond the grave. In addition to his weekly shocks and formula treatment, Alex must cope with the machinations of his manipulative ex-girlfriend, Hailey. Brilliant and beautiful, she will do anything to get Alex back – even if that means ruining Emma’s life.

This book gripped me even more than the first book, especially since it broke away from the original Frankenstein story. There are still science fiction elements tied into Ascension labs, but I found this story less predictable than its predecessor. The characters are just as engaging, but the mystery is deeper. Who is really orchestrating the catastrophic events in Alex and Emma’s lives? Is it the the evil ex or perhaps the kindly scientist who looks out for Alex after his father’s death? Every time I thought I had it figured out, the plot took another surprising turn.

Though the stakes are nothing less than life and death, the romance between Alex and Emma heightens the already skyrocketing tension. High School is enough of an emotional rollercoaster without adding a psychotic girlfriend, a mad scientist, and the raging hormones of teenage romance.

Though this is a sequel, Tainted reads just as well as a stand alone. Some references are made to the previous novel, Broken, but they do not stand out as such. Rather, vague references are sprinkled throughout the text, enough to give the reader needed information and remind those already acquainted with book one.

Readers will fall in love with Alex and Emma, cheer them on through their trials and tribulations, and hate the villains passionately. Beautifully written, with a fantastic plot and intriguing characters, Tainted is part science fiction and mystery, with a healthy dose of teenage romance thrown in. Fans of all three genres should enjoy this novel.

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Writing Prompt #120

The newspaper headline assaulted him.



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