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Christopher's Christmas Wish List

He wants Crash Bandicoot for the PS2 (its a video game, but make sure its for PS2)

Pretty much anything with Robots. Christopher adores Robots.

Also spider type stuff he loves, but caveat emptor – he already has one remote control spider. :)

Cool books like the – oh, I’ll have to edit this later when I figure out the name- there’s a series of really nice educational books about pirates and other things. He really liked looking at the Pirate book at the local Borders. It had pockets with maps and things in it you could touch and feel. It was written like a journal. Opening the book really was like opening a present because there was so many things in it to open and explore. I’ll edit this when I figure out the title.

I’m going to have to bribe him to give up his Hot Wheels cars since I can’t figure out which ones have been recalled to the the lead paint toy recall. So he could probably use Hot Wheels cars.

We plan on getting him a relatively cheap camcorder with a sale and my employee discount. He’s been saying he wants to make movies since he was about 4 years old. So that’s his big present this year. Maybe something fun to go with that might be nice.

That’s about all the possible suggestions I can think of right now!

Merry Christmas!

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Doug's Christmas Wish List

Doug is a devout Christian who also happens to be a technophile.

Currently he wants to get several items either over the internet or (he really loves) Gift Cards to either Comp USA or Best Buy.

You can buy Best Buy Gift Cards and Comp USA Gift Cards through their websites as well.

Also, any charity donations in his name would probably be appreciated as well. Especially if they are to Christian charities. :)

Merry Christmas!

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My Christmas Wish List

Holiday Giving


I appreciate the fact that people want to give their family and friends something special for the holidays. I love it when my little boy gets his presents under the tree and gets packages in the mail. I don’t actually need a gift, but I realize that people may want to do something nice for me this holiday. So in the spirit of giving, this is what I would like for Christmas.


Donations for Farm Sanctuary. This is one of my favorite charities. They care for rescued farm animals and work towards strenghtening anti-cruelty legislation. If you really feel the need for a physical gift, I’d like a copy of “The pig that sang to the moon” from their website. The link to the store is in the bar at the left of the page. Then click on books, all other books, and page 2 (it’s at the bottom of the page).


Donations to The American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG). Most people are unaware of the plaque of modern day slavery. It’s not a thing of the past, but people are sold like chattel every day. Again, if you feel the need for a physical gift, you can get a large women’s fitted tee shirt here. You can find out more about them at


Thanks again to everyone who wants to give something special. If you are kind enough to consider giving me a gift this holiday season, please make it the gift of giving to one of these special charities. The links are already attached, and you can give easily over their websites. And just think, no wrapping or trips to the post office are required. Thank you again. I really, really appreciate it.









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