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Guest Post (Poem): “There once was a boy named Chippy”

*The following silly poem was composed by the wonderfully talented poet, Monsterbat (who also happens to be my son). His poem imitates the style of Shel Silverstein, his favorite poet. This poem is posted with his generous permission.


Once there was a boy named Chippy Resistance

where others did not could

he simply would

he really could take care of business


he really was good

he knew how to square dance

once with a lance

he fought, by chance,

50 foot wolves with a special stance

He learned in China as easy as pulling up his pants


but when pulling up pants, sometimes you slip

sometimes you trip

and so, that day Resistance died

and so everyday everyone cries

from the bottom of their heart

it just comes out their eyes

and so nowadays we immortalize

in song valiant Chip!


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