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Minimeder Monday: Kung Fu

Minimeder Monday

Kung Fu

“This place really is a mess!” said John, seeing the red splatted everywhere. He looked at the knife. He slowly picked up the knife and went to the kitchen.

He put the knife in the drawer and straightened the kung fu poster. “Much neater.” He then turned and bowed.

He cut the carrot. “I can’t believe that I spilled that Ketchup!” He said. Life as a chef can be hard. He was sure of it.


*Again, my son wrote this completely on his own. He typed it out on our desktop computer and received payment in the form of 5 ‘rocks’ (which is our household currency for 30 minutes videogame time). My son- the writer!

Minimeder loves feedback, so please leave comments on this story. Thanks!


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Minimeder Monday: Run

Minimeder Monday: Run

My son, Minimeder, wrote this Sunday evening. He was inspired by the events of a few hours previous. Enjoy!


He dived for cover behind a storage box. “This may not be as easy as I thought,” he muttered. He dashed through a group of people who were eying the sights that were set out before them. He found his target and went to it as quickly as possible.

He opened the metal lid and beheld the sight before him. “Wow,” he thought. He grabbed the green that was inside the box and made a run for it.

He sat down in a seat and showed the men in black what he had done. “You’ve done well,” one of them said, setting down a fork beside him. “Now, lets eat.”


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Minimeder Monday: The Dream

Minimeder Monday

My son, Minimeder, would like to post some of his writing. He’s always been an avid reader – voraciously consuming tons of Goosebumps and Percy Jackson books- and he’s written 2 Nanowrimo (Young Writers Program) novels. He hopes one day to see his name on books in the bookstore. Since we’ve started schooling at home, he’s become much more interested in writing short stories and poetry too.

As a proud mommy, I’m only too happy to oblige his request to post his very hard work. So, as a general rule, Mondays on my blog will highlight my son’s writing- especially short stories and poetry. Welcome to the first ‘Minimeder Monday.’

The following is a short story he wrote a few days ago. He did all the typing and editing himself.


She awoke with a start to the noise of someone knocking at her door. She opened the door. At the door, Shelie saw her friend. “Come on!”

She went with him. They saw the black car. She pushed the car on to the hill, got into it and they sped down the hill.

As they went down the hill she noticed that she could see through him. Her last thought, when the steering wheel turned, was that it was only a dream.

But it wasn’t.


*Brrrrr!* Scary!

Also, I plan to post much earlier on Mondays (morning or early afternoon), so keep looking for more kid-friendly writings from Minimeder. I know he’s very excited about posting his stories and poems!

Have a happy!


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