Nanorimo Dares: Part Two

In honor of Thanksgiving and the swifly approaching deadline for National Novel Writing Month, I’m posting dares once more to help you get into the holiday spirit as well as boost your word counts. Happy Holiday, and enjoy!


1.  A turkey invades one of your scenes and asks you to eat your vegetables instead!

2. One of your characters reads a story about Pilgrims.

3.  A looming deadline causes one of your characters to take drastic action.

4.  One of your characters finds a Pilgrim hat with a genie inside.

5.  One of your characters time-travels to the first Thanksgiving dinner.

6.  Write a recreation of the first Thanksgiving which is appropriate to the time and setting of your story.

7.  Aliens land in your character’s backyard and demand to be invited to dinner.

8. Your character has a Thanksgiving picnic, which is overrun by rabid plot bunnies and monkeys which jump on the backs of all your characters.

9.  An argument breaks out between two characters, mediated by a well-meaning pirate.

10. The characters sing a Thanksgiving song, which you create, that roughly parodies the tune ‘Still Alive‘ from Portal.

*image courtesy of the U.S. National Archives via Flickr. No known copyright restrictions.


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