Friday Flash: The Great Outdoors

My story, The Great Outdoors, can be found at the 52/250 flash challenge site.

The theme for this week’s submissions was Urban Convert. When I originally read the theme, this scene played out in my head right away. I’ve camped a lot in my life, mostly as a Girl Scout growing up and later with my family to save on travelling expenses. I’ve never been a fan of the Great Outdoors. I am too enamoured of my air conditioning and microwave oven. Thus was this week’s story born. I hope you enjoy it.

On a more personal note, I’ve been submitting more stories and poems and even have two being considered (fingers crossed). I’ve been working on a couple flashes about gnomes that tie into each other, but I’m having trouble with the second flash that’s supposed to complement the first. So I’m saving that one until they’re more polished.

Don’t forget to check out #Friday Flash on both Twitter and FaceBook for some great short stories. I hope you’ll come back in a couple days for my podcast, My Writing Niche, featuring my #Spoken Sunday story. Until then, have a great weekend!*

*Ironically, the photo above was taken of a small garden next to a shopping center parking lot. I just thought that since you couldn’t see the lot, it seemed like a nice idyllic outdoor setting.



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3 Responses to Friday Flash: The Great Outdoors

  1. Every town has the story of the girl (or boy) who wiped with poison ivy, but I’ve yet to meet the genuine article. Do you think anybody’s actually done that? Gosh, I’m glad it’s not me.

    Good luck on those submissions, Catherine. The more you produce and edit, the better your chances.

  2. Man, how I can identify with that!! I’m SO NOT the nature kind of guy… Perfectly written!

  3. Actually, I got the idea from Stephen King’s story about how he did that as a child. Not on a camping trip, but it got me thinking of all the mistakes us city slickers make when we go camping. :)