Friday Flash: Red Riding Hood Revised

Red Riding Hood Revised is temporarily removed through July 2012. I am very honored to have the story published in the April 2012 issue of Beyond Centauri.

*image courtesy of photobucket



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  1. Your punchline elicited a smile, and even a snort. I like it when people play with classics, and you write playful well.

  2. Oh! I like the pic–good choice.

  3. This is great! Dark at the first and then ending on a hilarious note. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. ha! Serves Grandma right for being cheap.
    emergency gastrectomy – lol!

    The pic is gorgeous.

  5. Loved this! Reminds me of a friend’s grandmother who always mentions her “fixed income”.

    Am so in love with that picture!

  6. Always good to have a tough little granddaughter in the family. Made me smile.

  7. Good one! And the picture goes so well with it.

  8. “Then she retrieved her surgical tools from the basket to perform an emergency gastrectomy.”

    That sentence tells the whole story. Poor Red has done this enough to come *absolutely* prepared. Who needs a woodsman and his axe?!

  9. The picture’s perfect, and so’s the story. Great take on the fairy tale.

    “If Grandma hadn’t been so cheap…” Made me smile right away. Loved it. :)

  10. Sam

    LMAO!!! Funniest thing I’ve read for weeks. This comment would be longer but, I have to go and mop the coffee out of my keyboard! 😉

  11. This is great. The story brought with a THUMP into the modern world. And a kick-ass Red Riding Hood is a welcome change. Nicely done.

  12. I dig it!! The picture compliments the story nicely. I always like modern twists on old stories.

  13. haha! The fixed income thing was great!

  14. Hell yeah! Now THAT was a Friday Flash. The briefness really adds to the lightning pacing and the punchline adds a touch of humor so it’s not too over-the-top with action. I would love to see some more pieces like this. And as much as I love that it was short and spicy, I wish there was more to read about these two! Awesome.

  15. Cute, playful rendition of little red riding hood with a powerful take-no-prisoners heroine.

  16. Awesomely short. Fixed incomes are hard on old folks; at least this grandma was lucky enough to have a granddaughter who can kick butt.

  17. I like your revisionist history! Outstanding choice of pic as well.

  18. So he’s a werewolf in this one? Explains the intelligent malice some. The grandma is cute, and you know those old ladies do tend to be on tight means.

  19. Awesome. Simply awesome. I loved it.

  20. Hey, I really liked that. You express a lot in a very good short piece, and the pic is gorgeous.

  21. This is a RRH who knows how to take care of this problem. Love the visceral image of granny emerging from the wolf.

  22. I loved this! Made me laugh in the end. The short flash stories are my favorites. :)

  23. LyndaSinclair

    LOVED it! Nice twist on a classic tale. Short, sweet. I laughed outloud

  24. Loved this – says so much with so few words. Where does the picture come from? It’s ace :)

  25. Thank you!

    I got the image from photbucket. The link is directly beneath the story. :)

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