Friday Flash: The Price

The Price

Raquel and Thom had been married for over fifty years before their transfers took place. After a lifetime together, they transitioned to their new bodies on the New Eden colony without complication. Their brains, the only parts of their bodies that were truly irreplaceable, experienced as much rejuvenation from chemical saturation as if they had been born again. In a way, they had.

Had enough of Planet Earth? Nothing left to keep you here? Become a colonist and live the life you’ve always dreamed…

Raquel ran to Thom, taking great, striding leaps in New Eden’s low gravity. He laughed, as she tumbled into his arms, kissing him fiercely. “Hey,” he said, once his mouth was free again, “what’s gotten into you?”

“You, hopefully,” she said, winking. “I want to test this new body out and see if we’re getting our money’s worth.” She moved close, her breasts pressed against his chest, and reached down with one slender hand. “So far, everything seems to be functioning at full capacity.” She grinned.

You’ll have your choice of several new worlds to explore…

It was no wonder. The beauty of her eighteen-year old womanhood enchanted him every bit as much as her human body had, so many years ago. The Corporation certainly had done its job well, and he could only hope she would be equally satisfied with his own renewal. Even if they offered money-back guarantees, how could any body compete with fifty years of companionship? Whatever form she was preserved in, as long as her mind was there, he was happy.

And you’ll discover a whole new lease on life!

The solution in every android’s head cavity nurtured the human brain housed within its walls – cushioned by soft membranes, yet protected by the nearly indestructable artificial body. Sensors placed throughout the synthetic epidermis mimicked the sensation of human skin. Electronic eyes and ears relayed information to the biological components of the brain.

A variety of affordable payment plans are available for your financial needs.

As Thom held Raquel’s new body, he felt every bit as close to her as he had when she had been young and fully human. The eyes that looked into his own mirrored the ones he’d fallen in love with fifty years ago. The lips he kissed gave the same gentle resistance he’d remembered. Was it too much to hope for another fifty years?

You’ll see things from an entirely different perspective!

Housed within her synthetic body, Jenn felt the press of the man she’d desired for as long as she could remember. Bribing the surgeon to dispose of her sister’s brain and substitute her own had cost her life savings; but this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

After all, wasn’t love worth the price?



I hope you enjoyed the story. Polite feedback, positive and otherwise, is always appreciated. Thank you for your time, and have a lovely week!

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9 Responses to Friday Flash: The Price

  1. I dug how the final line could have been another advertisement if italicized. Its brevity initially made me read it as one, though of course it’s part of their declining narrative.

  2. Wow, what a twist at the end! Loved it!

  3. Great concept. Loved the twist. :)

  4. Wow that was wonderful. I wonder if he will over time come to realise that she is not who he thinks she is. Great Sci Fi writing with a chilling twist! ^__^

  5. where can I sign up? :-)

    I was captivated with the long-lived romance of this and then you pulled the rug right out from under me. Perfectly pitched.

  6. I expected it to be fake, a con, their brains in a virtual reality. I like your twist though, more ‘human darkness’ than ‘corporate darkness’, if you see what I mean, more personal.

    I suspect the nuances of a fifty year relationship will give her away, but maybe not straight away, and maybe he will blame it on the transition and never know the truth.

    Great idea, and great story. =)

  7. I like the premise of android bodies for making colony distribution work. This has very intriguing social implications and I could see it working very well as a longer work.

    Enjoyed the twist.

  8. Wow, that twist was DARK! Loved this piece though. The marketing spiel alongside the fiction really worked.

  9. Really enjoyed reading this. Fascinating ending.

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