10+ Tricks to Keep Your Phone Charging Cable Durable

10+ Tricks to Keep Your Phone Charging Cable Durable, Squid Hi so Here I am, I’m wrapped in a cable and I can’t move, it’s like walking into an electronic fruit nest looking for a charger that works well, I have a lot of chargers because I bought them too many times and they broke even more huh I can only regret and Can’t believe it What should I do?

Watch me pull the cord straight from the phone instead of holding the plug and then pull it out of the pot then I put the cable in the pocket which also has a key Wow that’s great the key will scratch and damage the cable I didn’t do much, but we’ll continue that later Yes I do you know what you’re thinking just use a wireless charger but you know we can’t use it often the phone can also get hot m.

Ok to what extent was it ah yes you do n’t have to collect a lot of cables just buy one and give it a protector when it’s protective Cables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These beautiful ornaments are attached to the connection in the near the plug, this is where the cable area is most vulnerable. The simplest form resembles a spiral wrapped around the cable and yes it does look familiar like an Er, you can also make it yourself.

My Best 10+ Tricks to Keep Your Phone Charging Cable Durable

Take a peer from a pen and click it and wrap it around the cable near the plug so that this most vulnerable part doesn’t bend when you click it. peer is not your style, wrap shoelaces at the end of the cable, it will look a bit thick but you can use it or attach cable tape to the end of your charger if you don’t add too much aesthetic aspect or just pour your creativity by wrapping embroidery thread along the cable the result will be similar to cable that is sold in stores that cable protectors are coated with synthetic material and are usually stronger than homemade shields but they don’t look very good or vary if you are looking for a cheap.

Cool and easy method try burning cable sleeves just insert the cable into the sleeve your favorite Heat it with a dryer and wait for it to shrink in size this way the cable will be protected stronger and pleasing to the eye you remind me the way I unplug the cable don’t copy me yes you don’t need to do it or just buy a magnetic adapter it looks like a small nozzle for the cable connection just a magnetic adapter and plug it in mobile phone charger stove adapter this tool also helps stabilize the connection

Tricks to Keep Your Phone Charging Cable Durable

If your charger cable is peeled use cable tape to cover it but that’s not all. His wife tried a special putty adhesive or some kind of play-doh on electronic devices thanks to this it will harden on its own after being formed paste it on the part the peeling cable is wrapped in a good shape then wait for it to harden this method is also practical try using liquid adhesive or liquid adhesive that will become elastic after drying your cable will remain flexible so try using a combination of methods of strengthening cables that have been used But for example,

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Install Perdi on the part of the cable that is peeling off then apply a liquid blessing so that the PR will stay in its position and make the cable stronger but for example you are like me you don’t know why the cable isn’t working, nothing is broken or torn but can’t be used to charge, maybe the cause is the port use a compressed air spray like the one used to clean the keyboard, spray air into the charging pot to clean the dust, know the dirt that might steal the connection.

Pay close attention, don’t put metal objects in the pot. I cleaned the port with a fork and my phone was shorted. my phone switches function to block at a price Wow But still it’s not My biggest mistake could be the cause because the software on the phone the software controls the whole charging process and it could malfunction Try doing a hard reset by pressing the button on the side of the phone dive a few moments or the home button and side button.

Conclusion Of 10+ Tricks to Keep Your Phone Charging Cable Durable

If your phone model is a bit old this can help solve software errors Then what about the cables getting tangled up and hanging on the table when you charge several cellphones at once tidy everything up just use a paper clip to hold the cable and plug it on the table, it’s done, it’s all in 1, it’s always easy to use and won’t be damaged because it’s entangled. the cable then tuck the plug into the cable spool once again don’t bend it okay and the worst mistake the cable is exposed to cold air the charger often breaks In cold weather Because low temperatures make the cable harder and less flexible bend it wrong it wo n’t break So please help me get out from the winding of this cable oh feet I’m tingling

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