20+ Super Cool Photo Tricks Using a Smartphone

20+ Super Cool Photo Tricks Using a Smartphone, Hey, use a roll of toilet paper cardboard to take old-school style photos, attach the roll to the area near the camera and the flashlight with the camera tape must be in the roll. Try to take a photo. You can take a cool photo. Take a flashlight and place it on your phone’s camera. Turn on the flashlight and turn on your camera.

Take a photo of someone the result will look like the sun is shining on the person you are photographing if you want to take a photo with a charming blue sky just wear your sunglasses as a filter Put sunglasses in front of the camera so that your photos are super duper beautiful standing on the stairs and ask your friends to stand on the stairs on the other side of the ladder turn on the flash and hold your phone vertically parallel to the railing of the stairs thanks to the soft and long shadow you can get beautiful and full photos Yes you can try another camera trick with a piece of string stick the strap right in the middle of the camera lens so that the camera lens you are divided into In 2 equally large areas, a warm color effect is created.

20+ Here Super Cool Photo Tricks Using a Smartphone

Choose the color you want, yes, stick transparent tape to your cellphone camera, color half of it with a red marker and the other half with a blue marker. You can also get a film effect on your cellphone. You can also experiment with other colors. for the next camera effect, prepare laf glasses and a spray bottle filled with water, spray the water first onto the slave glasses, the water slowly and leave a few drops of water near the hat, the glasses must be clean in the middle, focus your phone’s camera on the center of your dry glasses, take a photo and create a rain effect you can use a paper cup to hold and balance my camera the cup lengthwise so that your cellphone can be placed there Turn on the camera and set the timer you can take photos Wifi if you want to record video rotate the cup slowly let your cellphone in position so that your recordings more stable you can also make a film projector with your cellphone, prepare a shoe case, a magnifying glass, glue and a piece of thick cardboard, lubany, a shoe holder, paste the magnifying glass there then put your cellphone in the shoe box, your cellphone screen must point directly at the magnifying glass Turn on the camera and hold or move the cellphone away from it.

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Magnifying glass, use cardboard to adjust the focus, turn off the lights and enjoy watching. You can also decorate your cell phone charger with colored tape. Paste the charging tape and trim it. This can be very useful, especially if you have a lot of chargers in your house. This way, your charger will not be confused with your family member’s. you can make a cheap music system out of two paper cups and a roll of toilet paper, punch a hole in the middle of the roll of toilet paper and then insert the speakerphone into it. Make a circular hole in the middle of the cup, insert both ends of the roll of club tissue.

More 20+ Super Cool Photo Tricks Using a Smartphone

Turn on the music and we can party all night long it’s really hard to press the shutter button when you’re taking a selfie with your hand outstretched the photo can be blurry and out of focus you can use the volume button as the shutter turn on the flash on your phone and put a bottle of mineral water on it your flash light changes so ordinary lights and the light is more diffused you can also use bottles filled with colorful sodas to make the lights comfortable in your home to produce clearer sound recordings just cover the microphone with your finger you can make your own luxury phone case without having to spend money.

Cover your phone with paper wax and then outline the edges with hot glue make whatever picture you want after it dries slowly pull the paper then attach it to your cellphone so that your cellphone charging cable is not bent or damaged just use a burnt cable sleeve and thread attach the sleeve to the damaged cable area then heat it up only the hedrayer this sleeve will shrivel and stick firmly to the damaged part for extra protection coat it with colorful threads is your phone dirty from food oil stains and your finger marks to clean it just use an eraser rub gently to remove the dirt Have you ever had trouble when you had to charg.

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the phone but there is no power outlet or the doctor is charging no need to worry you can just go through the TV most modern TVs have a USB port on the back and this pot is compatible with your phone it’s best to keep your headphones and all chargers in one place you can use a glasses case to store everything this accessory you want your cellphone alarm to sound loud so that it can wake you up every morning just put your cellphone in a glass or cup the sound will be much louder uh.

Conclusion From 20+ Super Cool Photo Tricks Using a Smartphone

What a tiring day Finally got home it’s time to hang out on the sofa watching TV but where is the remote control actually you don’t need to wake up and look for it if your fetish has WiFi Just turn it on with your phone install a special application and you can choose your favorite TV channel if you don’t have a fitness tracker but want to know your heart rate just use the LED flash and the camera on your phone download the special application and Put your finger on the camera’s LED flash light it will scan the amount of blood that passes through your finger but don’t press it too hard later this trick won’t work when you’re cleaning the warehouse You see there’s an old negative film but you don’t know where to wash photos in your city Moreover.

You’re very curious want to see these photos you can download a special application and digitize this negative film your old photos will appear in your photo gallery while you are recording a video using your iPhone press the volume button on the side to take photos without having to stop recording remove the lens from the laser pointer and paste it into your phone camera now you can can take super cool micro photos 321 snaps Hey If you learned something new today Click the like button on this video then share it with your friends here are some other interesting videos you watch just click on the video on one side of the screen and remember Stay on the side light of life.

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