21 Ways to Make Your Phone Cool

21 Ways to Make Your Phone CoolHi Ho Hi, you know that today’s cellphones seem to be versatile. But still they can’t turn into a wall TV or erase scratches on the screen with everyday household materials, so you need some cool tips like the following, use a Laser Pointer lens to get photos super sharp macro Put the laser lens in the crook of the hair clip, attach it to your back camera and then glue the tape on the clip so it doesn’t shake.

Another good tip if you want to watch movies on your phone, use glasses as a support. Fold the handle upside down and place it on a flat surface. your phone will be firmly attached to the ear frame while the lens serves as a support if you are more interested in the project yay take a paper cup with the hole filled in and insert your phone don’t forget to make a small indentation of the phone in this position so that the charging cable doesn’t break Take a ball pen then plug it in on the cable near the port, this vulnerable part is most often bent and prone to breaking.

Here’s 21 Ways to Make Your Phone Cool

Spring will keep the cable durable, eh, son, don’t break the pen again, hahaha sorry, I remember my mother’s words. the end of the cable on a pencil with a large paper clip, wrap the cable tightly and then clamp the other end with a warm paper clip that the cable had with a hair dryer and then remove the clip tada be a more compact curly cable a large paper clip if it is suitable for tidying the cables in the room your work, you just insert the cable into the wire clip gap and then attach it to the table move it’s even better if the clips are colorful this way you can know the position of each cable Apart from that the cable won’t fall to the floor or get tangled

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Hey take one more large paper clip and three hair tie to put your phone in the car first step remove the rubber from the two hair tie bag Only the outer wire will be used, then remove the wire clips and attach the outer part of the hair tie to each of the wire clips. Finally, re-attach the wire clip and Paste the third hair tie in the middle and then attach the click to the AC vent and your cell phone case where the hair tie can hold the phone.

It’s good to make an armband to put your phone on while you’re jogging or walking around town without bothering to hold it cut the top of your elastic sock wear the sleeves put your phone down then Tighten and trim the folds this is an old but good tip put your phone in a glass to make it sound louder the sound quality is less Agus So it’s not suitable for listening to music or watching videos but these tips are useful for listening to voice messages very slowly

How to Make Your Phone Cool

Hi or just take a roll of toilet paper and punch a hole in one side. the sound will be far louder there’s a stadium effect too Oh you can also make the lights start with a plastic bottle on the phone’s flashlight to illuminate the nearby area this tip is also good because it can dim the flashlight that’s too bright on most phones this is a tip you need during the rainy season or if you put your phone away often near the bathroom make your phone waterproof by putting it in a plastic bag this clip tips are also useful

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When you are walking on the beach or outdoors because the phone will avoid sand and dirt turn your phone into a wall TV using a plastic sandwich attach the plastic to the wall with putty adhesive or duct tape two can watch videos in bed without having to hold it or worrying that your phone will fall when you straighten it on the bed go to the next level Make a projector for a nobar event with your friends You need a cardboard loop of duct tape and of course a cell phone with a small hole in the cardboard more smaller than the lens Loop glue the lens in the hole using duct tape and make a pocket of duct tape on the opposite side insert the phone you want to go there and play the video the lens will enlarge the image on the screen the image quality is not good but when needed these tips are useful

Hi these tips I really like when I’m travel, use your phone case as a secret wallet so you don’t have to worry about running out of cash unless the phone is lost when the phone screen gets greasy because it ‘s constantly being rubbed and pressed clean with shaving cream or you can also use a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide but not too much for overcome small scratches, apply a little toothpaste and then lab until clean, even scratches will be much disguised, use your old toothbrush to clean the crevices of your phone, it often collects dirt, dust and cloth fibers that are difficult to remove if your teeth can reach the small gaps in your teeth.

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Conclusion Of 21 Ways to Make Your Phone Cool

So it can also clean the gaps of your cellphone but use a soft and soft toothbrush, no need to wear special gloves for the touch screen of your cellphone in winter, you only need a small copper wire , just look for a used cellphone by peeling the skin of the cable, cross this wire on the end your glove finger this way the screen will respond to your touch Hey don’t just use your front camera for selfies Ria this feature that makes your skin look smooth is also great for taking other things just flip the phone over and take another picture with your front camera your shots will look smooth also and you know that every application displays the main color on the icon just trim it according to the color set your application from red to general like in Rainbow this will make it easier to find the application that you need Besides that the appearance of finding is much cooler

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