22 Hidden Functions on An Android Phone

22 Hidden Functions on An Android Phone, Hey huh there’s really no end of day versus night chocolate versus vanilla Android vs iPhone Never mind also debating which phone is better both of them have tons of cool functions that you may not know about. Let’s find out the hidden functions on Android phones if you want to check the pulse Your heart but doesn’t have a tracker, just use the LED Flash and your cellphone camera by opening a special application press the LED flash with your finger but don’t be too strong.

The camera will scan the visible red color to detect the amount of blood that has accumulated but remember the results will not be accurate if the cellphone camera is mufassar Hi, on Android, you can adjust the screen orientation with a special application, there is an inverted portrait orientation option, up and down, the lens is forced, the lens is reversed and automatically forced from the notification menu, this application will make it easier for you when using the gadget even though the position is upside down.

Here 22 Hidden Functions on An Android Phone

a is changed just like in video games or YouTube this way the battery power will last longer and can speed up the response of heavy mobile games this feature is indeed available on computers but if you have root access to your phone just use a special application to change the resolution game lovers will definitely like it an application that can improve the graphics of mobile games even with old school phones.

This application trick can juggle the phone as if the game is run with a more powerful processor but you also need root access Android 10 is equipped with a focus mode that can buy all applications so you are not distracted by messages or notifications of this application can be blocked one by one or all at once to activate the entry to digital health settings and parental control then focus mode enter your contact information so that your cellphone can be returned if one day it is lost open the owner information security settings if you write it in the open window inform This ASI will appear on the lockscreen so that the inventor can contact you.

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There is this game that is hidden by Android developers visually, the name adjusts the version of the Android operating system to find it, go to settings about the phone, there is an Android version. open this game android can be fine-tuned by activating special developer mode Hi go to settings about phone then tap bio7 number * developer function will appear with this function you can configure speed and quality of communication system display change and much more on Google phone pixel is available live caption feature this feature can bring up subtitles automatically on video broadcast podcasts or audio messages that are currently playing can even be used on video or audio files recorded with this feature again running offline.

So it doesn’t upload data to Go ogle everything installed locally Android 10 has a device that can change wifi information So it’s a qr code so it can be moved from another phone to activate open network settings and WiFi internet then select the Wifi connection you want to share Click the button and confirm your fingerprint switch face or password You are unique code will appear don’t throw away your Android phone if it starts to slow down install a special application to improve its performance.

Tips Hidden Functions on An Android Phone 2023

But you need root access this application is not compatible with the latest Android version or tap the bio number 7 times in the about device section then reduce the animation speed or disable it your phone will be fully responsive on Android phones Google added a panic mode function with this function you can get rid of annoying ads when opening apps or browsers tap the back button four times quickly you will be immediately directed to the home screen this feature can be directly It can be activated or through settings depending on the phone model, Samsung phone users can configure the display of calls on the screen when there is the caller can be seen in full screen pop-ups or small floating objects so that they won’t interfere when you play your phone with the Android 10 update.

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Can detect when the USB port is moist or dirty then the phone will give a notification Android can also turn off the USB port so it doesn’t get damaged So it must be cleaned first you don’t need to fiddle with settings to find out how to set notifications and pop-up apps just press the notification during a few seconds two options will appear ringing and without sound you can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie with a special application to activate select the desired frequency and then start If you are not satisfied with the virtual keyboard on your phone.

Just replace it Choose From googleplay catalog or au set your own background image you want unique to save phone battery power slow down CPU speed manually with special app you can reduce your phone performance to save battery or speed up power to play fun games or open heavy apps Google added infrared camera.

So you can unlock phone with facial recognition In the Dark by opening a special application the camera can be used to unlock the phone while taking photos and videos in dark conditions this feature is available by default on pixel phones set your time in using the application an hour a day to paint 2 hours a day watching YouTube and so on this way you it will be easier to track when you are active on social media, yes.

Conclusion Of 22 Hidden Functions in Android Phone

If so, you will definitely like this special application with extreme chat features. This application will activate when your cellphone battery is five percent or less so you can still chat without fear of the cellphone dead conversation You guys will definitely get more exciting.

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