25 Tips to Improve Phone Battery Life

25 Tips to Improve Phone Battery Life, Hi hi hi hahaha this is the moment when you reach a new level in your favorite game an amazing win but instead you stop playing and charge your phone Is there anything you can do to not charge your phone too often Let’s see.

Don’t use antivirus Android already has virus protection installing other antivirus apps will only drain the battery just don’t enter dubious sites or download apps outside the official store then you ‘ll be safe optimizing apps If you have a lot of apps but do n’t really need all the notifications limit background battery usage to do it go to settings and look for the list app now click on the app you want to limit open battery usage and make sure background activity is turned off enable airplane mode bad signal works unstable signal makes phone work hard phone keeps searching for nearby cell towers and non-stop sending signal every time when it fails to connect the phone has to send a signal again uses more battery power so turn on airplane mode or switch to wifi.

Here’s 25 Tips to Improve Phone Battery Life

Don’t overuse the camera focusing on photos or recording videos with audio will make the phone torment and damage the battery activate airplane mode when you want to use the camera to create phone take a break from all other tasks stop auto sync for Google account if you don’t need Google account want to update every 15 minutes click settings and search for account or user and account depending on your phone then disable auto sync.

Turn off bluetooth when this feature is on charge to keep looking for other devices and if you don’t need bluetooth for what makes the phone lose valuable power use dark mode many of these apps allow want to choose black background instead of light which is standard some androids even have the option to set dark mode always the soul of the black pixel system consumes less power so activating it saves battery

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Hey keep the phone away from cold and heat the battery doesn’t like extreme temperatures because it can ignore the chemical reactions that occur in it as a result the phone battery will not last long so don’t leave the phone in the car in winter or turn it off when you’re on the move on a hot summer day

Hey turn off your vibrate makes your phone work twice if you add a vibrate to the ringer Also you save a bit of battery power by turning off a small vibration every time you press a virtual button check location tracking apps apps like maps or services taxis really need to know your location to work properly but many other apps enable geolocate by default Find what apps have location permission and turn them off if not necessary.

Don’t Close background apps background apps are inactive and idle ak consumes a lot of power but if you manually close it and after some time open it again the phone has to spend more energy to do it do it only if you need to re-open the app which is not responding restart the phone regularly

Tips to Improve Phone Battery Life

Hi otherwise random access memory or RAM is full of data no need to save data this not only eats battery but also makes Android slower Restart your gadget at least once a week Hey disable bloatware bloatware is a default application that comes pre- installed on new phones bloatware also consumes memory and battery If you don’t need it just go to app settings select the app and click deactivate After that you will get a scary warning but ignore it and press disable once again charge the phone in the car wisely sporty cars have 12 volts while cell phone chargers only need 5volt so of course you use the adapter to adjust the voltage but if the adapter has a problem or is made by the manufacturer doubt the battery can get too much power and that will cause problems reduce the brightness of the display

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Hi the brighter the screen the more battery drains you can choose automatic mode or change it manually to save battery Besides it dim screen will make eyes more relax and not dry remove battery consuming apps some apps take up too much power waste battery to find them check battery usage regularly delete those apps and choose simpler alternative If possible or you can try premium version of the applications you use most often that application does not have ads so the battery lasts longer reduces screen off time usually the screen will turn off automatically after 1-2 minutes of silence now Count how many minutes a day your display is active in vain reduce screen off time will Save a lot of battery try Lite version of Android app

Hi many popular apps have battery friendly versions which consume less energy and data in most cases You won’t notice any difference if you switch to this version but the phone load is definitely lighter less effective selling in some cases the display drains the battery fast So if you have a lot of widgets you will likely charge it more often Also if your phone screen is OLED or AMOLED use a simple black wallpaper to save battery.

Don’t let apps update automatically when active this feature keeps searching updates and starts downloading them as soon as there is an automatic update means a lot of activity going on and wastes precious battery Shut down and start updating apps manually don’t delay system updates this system update helps phone and battery work better with Just fix various issues don’t charge the phone overnight not true otherwise the phone will overcharge if you charge it for too long But when the phone reaches 100% and stops charging it will disappear a bit then charge again the device will be trapped in this activity overnight thus reducing the capacity of the phone over time.

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Conclusion of 25 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Life

Hi don’t use your phone as a hotspot it’s convenient if you have a handy WiFi router but your phone consumes a lot of power when converting a 3G or 4G connection to internet access for a laptop don’t use your phone while charging as you might notice the phone gets warmer when charging power.

If you keep watching videos or playing games your phone will definitely get hotter and I just said that heat is not good for the battery for sure you don’t pay attention yes don’t use fast charging often this option is very tempting when you are in a hurry but if you always use it eventually the battery will lose its capacity the phone works so hard for you it deserves a regular charge take good care of your phone and it will be good to you or something

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