29 Helpful Features That Aren’t On Mobile Yet

29 Helpful Features That Aren’t On Mobile Yet, Hey, law, camera, studio, music, calculator, and your friends, all collected in one small box, yes, in your cellphone, but there are also functions that should be in your cellphone but are not yet available.

Like an electric stun device for those who don’t want to stand in line at the supermarket Hah, not just kidding Just imagine you can project movies on the wall no need for a big projector and spend time setting it up with just your phone your nights will be like a movie theater and you only need your phone to make presentations at school or work dry there is a solar powered cell phone charger But what if the battery is attached to the screen just dry your phone for a few hours and the battery will charge so when camping you don’t need a powerbank the sun Chance.

Here’s 29 Helpful Features That Aren’t On Mobile Yet

Shines plus it’s eco friendly want to listen to your favorite radio program but you forget to bring earphones the radio on your phone won’t work because the earphones also work as an antenna another story ji if you have an antenna installed on your phone so you can hear the radio through the speakerphone forgetting to bring your house key is annoying and it happens a lot of times forgetting to bring your phone is rare right? -by the way the same function will always make sure your house is always locked just look at your phone screen And you know right away if your house is locked rechecking directions on Google Maps takes a lot of time.

You have to re-open the app Wahabi exact directions of cashew trading can help install on your camera and allow access to this map application can direct you by describing the exact path one in five people have dropped their cell phone in the toilet at least once just admit it’s language A lot of people are forced to buy a new cellphone even though waterproof cellphones are not new.

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Unfortunately this type of cellphone it’s too thick and has few features so a completely waterproof phone is still dreaming about watching a movie with your friends but can’t decide which language to speak your friend is learning French and you only understand Indonesian the solution is one earphone with 2il batches with different sound streams you are on a diet and have to weigh your food to buy a kitchen scale It could be this but you can’t take it to a restaurant but with the scale function on your cellphone you can save money and time.

Mom reading a book on your cellphone makes your eyes tired quickly and you have to rest often otherwise Mom has a screen the dark is comfortable for your eyes bringing your phone and mom together is a Genius way to read as long as you can Mami choosing gifts for friends is always a challenge It’s sad to know your friend doesn’t like gifts maybe because you forgot that he hates pink with the smart note app k you can check the item online or move it in the store and get a notification What the item is according to your friend’s taste another way remember what he likes.

Helpful Features That Aren’t On Mobile Yet

Modern technology allows you to see and hear your friend from another country but try to imagine a holographic phone call with this series image it feels like your friend really- it’s true that you’re near in the movie to see the details of a photo the actors just zoom in on the image and everything is clearly visible unfortunately the reality isn’t so photos are often blurry If only we could see it through the magnifying glass on this phone it would help people with eye problems and solve many crimes Another solution might be bifocals.

You don’t always carry a thermometer and weather forecasts aren’t always right. It’s nice to have a thermometer on your phone when you want to know the temperature both indoors and outdoors based on statistics, one in three people experience this.

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Have trouble remembering the names of new people they know by using a voice recorder that is always on you can play back a speech or job interview you just had of course you can set when to clear the cache based on your taste and storage capacity ordinary cell phones only use two of the five senses I think it’s fun. If your cellphone can catch the smell of your loved one’s perfume, the smell of an SUV made by your friend or anything like the smell of earth after the rain or even the smell of your friend’s body After he eats su Maybe you have a removable chip on your phone that contains all the important documents.

Everyone’s dream You won’t have any hassles If you forget to bring a note for example as well as medical documents stored on the same chip seeing the amount of money in your account takes at least a minute or two Suppose this number is always displayed on your screen No personal information only your money Well maybe this plus a password, the scanner feature on your phone is perfect for those who always lose things just type what you’re looking for and your phone immediately looks for it by scanning the room.

Wait for my phone, where is it? to your cellphone you don’t have to worry about feeling threatened but be careful it turns into a lawsuit making a bonfire in the forest without a match it must be difficult an electric lighter on a cellphone feels right in a situation like this instant camera is a big and expensive device but a cellphone with this feature can be very cool ordinary instant camera prints every photo you take and you have to pay attention to the patrich if it is installed on your cellphone you can choose which photo you want to print layers that can change the structure which is very helpful for the visually impaired.

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Besides that If you buy something on the internet you can decide be based on the texture of the item and not just the image facial recognition technology can scan faces to understand their mood imagine if your cellphone could understand the mood and cheer you up when you are sad where it will display photos or videos depending on your feelings it must be difficult to concentrate on work or even read a book when you realize you have an incoming message a feature that makes your phone unusable would be great to prevent you from delaying work.

Conclusions of 29 Helpful Features That Aren’t On Mobile Yet

We all have friends who send voice messages all the time and you can’t always hear them for example you’re on the KRL or at the office voice to text transcription should be a very helpful feature in this situation books let your guard down a little know the hole science fell on the floor maybe it ‘s time for you to replace the cellphone screen it seems we need a cellphone that doesn’t need additional protection and doesn’t look like a brick for example pound a cell made of anti-shock material that transfers damage to what hits it.

a feature that is able to read barcodes in stores can save you a lot of money so you can always know the price and the item will be automatically listed in your shopping cart and the total purchases or will look finished you won’t be surprised at the total price of shopping for such and will only buy what you need the things you use the most also mean the dirtiest things the auto cleaning feature on your phone will always make sure you don’t get exposed to bad bacteria from your phone

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