29 Hidden Features on Android Phone

29 Hidden Features on Android Phone, And now it’s time to talk about cell phones yes you can make your phone tell who’s calling take very sharp macro photos or automatically unlock it when you’re at home or in a safe place these are just a few of the many ways to increase the capacity of your phone mute the sound your cell phone so that the battery can last longer turn off the vibrate mode which is very energy-intensive the phone will charge faster

If you charge it from the power outlet although you can charge it with a USB cable from a computer or car this method will take longer if one day you need to hide your number press the fence 31 Fence followed by phone number this way the person you’re calling can’t see your number but remember this feature only applies to the call when it’s wrapped in your phone case it feels hot and stuffy, it’s better to remove the case while it’s charging so the heat will come out through the phone’s body.

Not Trapped In case if you have to lend your phone but still want to keep private data private use guest mode swipe down from the top with two fingers and Tap on the user icon on the top right the add guest icon will appear choose what that person can do with your smartphone you can use your phone as a TV remote some apps let you do it via wi-fi or bluetooth talk about speed wireless chargers are not as effective as conventional chargers although they sound comfortable and look good wireless chargers are not good for fast charging by default

Here’s 29 Hidden Features on Android Phone

The power button gives you some option to select silent mode airplane mode or turn off phone press star fence star fence 7594 star fence star fence then power button settings can be changed this code only works on android phone use lens from laser pointer to get good macro photos clock Put this lens on the end of a hair clip place it on your back camera and glue it with tape Star code 43 fence activate call waiting this will notify you when a second call comes in you can also answer the call immediately

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If you go to accessibility settings zoom gesture you can zoom in any part of the smartphone screen just by tapping on it this feature is very useful for myopic people make sure to Turn off bluetooth when not in use this will overcome unnecessary downloads with potential dangers also avoid hackers stealing data in your phone if you want to rewrite or fix salting hold down the button spacebar and move

the cursor to the desired location you can make an UltraViolet center of the cell phone clear tape and 2 blue and purple markers paste the clear tape on the camera flash and color it with blue marker add a second layer then the last layer that is painted purple color Turn on your phone’s flashlight in the dark and you can see hidden things the announce call feature will make your phone tell the caller’s name via headphone combination star 3001 fence 12345 star fence will take you to field mode you can see information about your sim card in this pop up menu will also show the efficiency of the cellular network and signal level in the form of numbers minus 50 to minus 79 enough to watch HD videos minus 120 means

the signal is weak make sure your homepage is as tidy as possible when it’s messy your device will have trouble loading information at the same time this is burdensome Hardware slowing down your phone can open two apps side by side right left or up and down on your android screen to activate this mode press the overview button i.e. the square icon at the bottom of the screen select the app you want to open and drag when the title is to the left or to the top of the view Select an app others to put under or next to the first the following trick only works on Samsung Galaxy phones

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How To Hidden Features on Android Phone

If you have problem with your audio Try pressing the fence star 7353# you will see several options then select speaker if loud music is playing it means your speaker is fine if no sound your phone needs to be fixed Smart Lock will help your phone to find out the Safe area where the phone lock will always auto unlock on Android phone go to security or security settings and location Smart Lock enter password and follow instructions on screen this function works on Android 5.0 or later

If you notice your phone battery is running low and you can’t charge it don’t use the camera especially with Flash which drains the battery much faster than other apps here’s a trick for Android owners with Chrome as their main browser make sure you’re connected to Chrome and then open a new tab tap option Recent tab in the bottom right corner of the screen and you will see all the urls opened on your other devices.

The star code fence 5005 stars 7672# allows you to find the telephone number of your operator’s service center this is useful when you need to contact them when there is a problem your phone phone can help check if the remote Your TV needs a new battery Just Open the camera app and switch to the front camera take the remote Point to the camera and press any key

You can see a flashing red light on your phone screen if the remote battery is working properly if not quickly buy a new battery If you use Android and above prefer to hear information than see it go to accessibility settings and Turn on text to speech output option for added security on android go to device administrator security settings check the box next to Android Device Manager find this device remotely and allow remote lock and Wipe wipe rang if you lose your phone you can find and block it via a special website without losing data The fence star code 67 fence allows you to see the number currently used to forward incoming calls when the call is missed

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Conclusion Of  29 Hidden Features on Android Phone

If you have not changed the settings your calls will be forwarded to the voicemail service provider- but you can change it to another number for example work phone home number or someone else’s phone on Android go to call settings more settings Forward calls If you own an iPhone change the number in phone settings Forward calls no need to buy a separate 3G modem or router to use the internet on a different device your smart phone is enough to open the tethering settings and portable hotspot and turn on the weiland portable hotspot the phone IMEI contains a lot of important data date of manufacture date of purchase warranty information with it you can know if the device is lost or repaired press the star fence 06# on your phone and you can see the imei number enter it on a special website and you will know more about your device

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