30 Cool Homemade Phone Accessories in 10 Seconds

30 Cool Homemade Phone Accessories in 10 Seconds, Hey smile Hi what happens when you pour water on your phone lens Can you make a new phone case in 10 seconds and why should you collect ice cream sticks sounds weird but that’s what we’re going to do Let’s follow me Blow up the balloon until it’s big enough to make your phone Place your phone in the center of the balloon and let the air out Congratulations you got a new case A plastic bottle can be a simple tripod for your phone just tie the phone to the bottle with a rubber band Make a cell phone bracelet from your old watch strap Fasten the strap and secure your phone case with super glue negative end the battery can be used as a stylus for your phone.

Hi, you can just make a unique popsocket. Why just stick it to your phone case with super glue. A plastic bottle can also be used as a popsocket. Cut the top to adjust the size to your liking. Draw a line following the circle on a piece of paper or decorative cardboard. i this part with a beaded sticker pattern or whatever you like stick to the top of the bottle then glue the bottle cap to your phone case use an empty plastic candy box to store your phone punch a hole in the bottom and get the cord out of there Goodbye tangled wires make a cell phone stand out of two paper clips, fold one of the clips so that it looks like a chair and then clip the other tip to the end of the first clip, the eraser can actually be used to clean the phone screen.

Here’s 30 Cool Homemade Phone Accessories in 10 Seconds

Lensolar cable ties are the perfect tool for cleaning your cellphone speakers, just scroll through the speakers and all boredom will be attracted. clip a paper clip to a book holder containing a text card or chat with nail polish and you will get a cute photo frame as well as a cellphone holder. You can make your cellphone camera photos unique with semi- transparent paper, hold the paper in front of the lens.

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Use different colors to get a rainbow effect. Hold the paper. white near your modal when taking photos For a smoother photo color or use it as a plain background if you want to take a photo from above Show your phone to the ceiling with masking tape and activate the remote flashlight for a dramatic hole effect punch a hole in a piece of cardboard and place it in front your phone’s camera lens adjust the distance from the lens or the size of the hole

Hey experiment with plants the leaves can give beautiful shadows to your model turn your phone lens into a macro lens with this Water Drop it can help you take super detailed close-up photos use your friend’s phone to create a cool mirror effect on photo hold the second cell phone horizontally and align it with the bottom of the lens of your phone.

Athe tilt so that the angle is right and the screen of the second phone will reflect the image you take optimally tire speaker phone want with paper cups and cardboard rolls of toilet paper yes toilet paper Draw a marking line for b bottom of your phone.

If your cell phone is too wide use a roll of kitchen paper make holes for your cell phone Mark each end Side of the roll on the side of the cup and make two holes decorate the cup and the roll with masking tape or color it and insert the roll into the hole in the classroom cardboard cave toilet paper can also be used mobile phone holder feel the cardboard roll and draw a pattern on it don’t forget to make an orange for your cell phone please be creative and decorate as you like create a plain cell phone case with colorful buttons first arrange the buttons on top of the case without glue so you can see the pattern then apply glue to the top of the case and stick the buttons.

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Cool Homemade Phone Accessories in 10 Seconds

Continue to cover all parts after that let it dry for 24 hours so that the phone doesn’t fall when running, put your cellphone case into your sleeve and attach the cell phone case from the outside you can make a cool cellphone holder from ice cream sticks.

Paste 4 for ice sticks cream 23 t pile up like the first one then take two sticks and glue them in a shape like Letter a let it dry then t will pile the 4fit on it turn it over and stick the stack of three sticks behind it cut another ice cream stick in half and stick it as a leg for the Galaxy behind your phone use a dark colored case to support your Galaxy choose three colors of nail polish or more cut the AHM make sponge into several pieces then randomly add nail polish on your phone.

Case draw a star shape with white nail polish and a toothpick then add glitter coat everything with two coats of clear nail polish and leave dry you can use your iPhone as a mini scanner take notes to the camera button and select move document arrange paper and press the camera button do it as many times as needed to save multiple pages in one file to sign File or add another bookmark.

Open notes with scanner hi tap share button select Mark and press close button choose between magnifying signature text or shape after that don’t forget to tap done and save changes make projector for your phone from shoebox and magnifier Draw a line the size of a magnifying glass on the side of the box make holes and stick the magnifying glass with glue super make a cell phone stand from two cardboard sheets and place it in a box attach your phone to the stand with a double tap adjust the brightness of the phone to maximum.

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Conclusions of 30 Cool Homemade Phone Accessories in 10 Seconds

lock the screen and focus on making a stand to charge your phone from an old lotion bottle Draw a line for the front of the stand then turn the bottle over and draw a line curved for the back.

Don’t forget to make a hole for the charger use sandpaper to smooth the surface and remove the brand on the bottle decorate it with a beautiful cloth and don’t forget the bottom make a fake twin with a panoramic model position your model on the left side of the photo slowly your camera movement follows the center line while the model must exit Slank and move to the right from behind the O so the camera will shoot it again repeat until you get the number of fake twins you want in the photo to take the perfect position use the built-in camera level feature on iPhone wo Point the camera at an object and move your phone until the white and yellow lines on the screen meet Good luck.

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