A Man Makes a Long Traffic Jam Without a Single Car

A Man Makes a Long Traffic Jam Without a Single Car, hi hi Did you know there are more than 3.5 billion Smartphone users in the world and some of them find the unique functions of their gadgets I mean not like controlling security cameras setting thermostats or searching for lost items but something much more interesting In 2017 a German artist attended a labor day demonstration in Berlin where he saw even though there were no cars on the road Google Maps still reported a long traffic jam on the road then he realized a group of people and their smartphones were able to trick Google into reporting that Red traffic was a traffic jam. an idea popped into his mind.

What if I tried it myself he doesn’t need crowds enough Smartphones He spent two years researching how the Google Maps system works and Google Maps works by viewing traffic data from crowds they check the location of phones and the speed at which each phone moves in 2 020 He asked some of his friends to lend their gadgets then he got more from cell phone rental services in the end he got 99 Smartphones on February 1st announced his experiment on social media.

Why A Man Makes a Long Traffic Jam Without a Single Car

He said he would try to turn the green road into red using a trolley that full of cellphones he turned on all his cellphones opened the Google Maps application then walked back and forth on the street pulling his trolley it took more than 1 hour until the traffic jam appeared on the screen then a long red line appeared indicating that the road was full of cars crawling the experiment was successful.

Hey mobile has indeed inspired many professional workers, one of whom is a cyclist and there he cycles tens of KM a day to make pictures using a GPS application while cycling he carries a GPS tracking device which will later show the distance traveled, speed and altitude initially this GPS is only for sport but then he saw the line that formed while uploading his data to the internet.

He could see a thin red line showing where he had been all day that’s when the idea came to his mind that his bicycle was a brush and the city was his canvas once he started cycling the journey process would be mapped out and at the end of the journey people others on the internet can see a large doodle that he made his first drawing was made in 2015.

On New Year’s Day when he rode his bicycle and made the words happy twenty-fifth in the Hai Since then he has cycled tens of kilometers to create the image account of the dinosaur giraffe and almost every cartoon or doodle you can imagine the longest drawing required him to cycle for more than four hours and over 90 km one day Illustrator from London noticed something different as he walked through a crowd of people busy playing on his cell phone he saw pedestrians too immersed in his cell phone.

That’s when an idea crossed his mind he contacted one of his friends who is a photographer in London and asked him to take pictures of people who were busy playing Illustrator’s cellphone then put the photos together and started drawing monster-like creatures that came out of He wants to show the phone screen it’s like a portal where the real and digital worlds meet but someone thinks otherwise an American photographer also noticed that people are too busy with their cell phones And He decided to digitally lose their phones.

Here’s a Man Making Long Traffic Without a Car

He asked several couples and families to posing using their cellphones naturally then from the photos he throws away the existing cellphone using the photo editor then when the photo is finished all we can see is four people having breakfast around the table and staring at their hands but there ga an artist from Taiwan who turned cell phones into cars.

He spent four years traveling the world collecting used cellphones He spent about 30 thousand dollars or around 400 million rupiah and collected 25,000 old cell phones then it took him four more months to turn them into a normal size car he set the colors pasted and nailed the resulting phone to the wooden frame all the black phones depict tires and there is a rainbow pattern on the hood this artist wants to promote a message to reduce reuse and recycle things even though some cellphones have their own way of life it turns out there are too who went out into space to be tested for durability.

like this Smartphones can’t make or receive calls in space but the question the manufacturers want to answer is Will their phone survive 2013 University sure decided to test it they are people The first to launch a Nexus phone into space as part of their nanosatellite called screen on the phone was installed in one of the satellite panels and the researchers and manufacturers installed applications that could run during their missions in space. which could be minus 270 degrees Celsius and could be as hot as 120° Celsius to allow keep it protected and testable scientists put.

The phone on some computer protection equipment on the satellite can check the temperature of the battery and if it gets too cold the system will warm it up in February 2013 the manufacturer launched the phone into orbit the purpose of this experiment is to collect data and take pictures but there is a problem the satellite on board stopped communicating with the earth two months later Nasa sent three cell phones in a rocket and all three became the first mobile phones to function in space.

In July of the same year the Nexus phone sent by the survey University finally turned on tap i it is no longer special there is a country that managed to find a new function for mobile phones during i.e. turning it into a sport Finland started the game of throwing mobile phones in 2000 and a few years later this game became an international sport its first organizer was a translation and interpretation company which encouraged its staff to discard their frustration using cell phones.

Conclusion From A Man Makes a Long Traffic Jam Without a Single Car

Recycling centers unite to collect trash and sponsors give cellphones to throw to those in attendance to raise awareness about recycling this event takes place in August every year and participants have many choices they can choose cell phones from weighs 200 to 400 grams and the rule is to throw it straight ahead the competitor must stay within the throwing area and his cellphone must land on the part that was marked in 2014 the ferment dress became the official world holder after throws his cell phone more than 110 m aka along a football field in 2014 2.

Engineers build a machine using Lego blocks that can solve a Rubik’s cube using a Smartphone This device analyzes the scrambled cubes and calculates the correct order The device instructs a robot with four arms to solve the Rubik’s Cube in front of him these two Engineers have worked together on similar projects and their previous record was set in 2011 when they built a different robot to solve a standard rubik’s cube in just 5.2 seconds amazingly in their latest attempt the new machine completed it in just 3.2 seconds our eyes can’t even understand what’s going on because the movement is very fast well even with all the functions of the unit.

I’m happy to report that my smartphone is still my main tool for ordering pizza Hey If you learn anything new today Click the like button on the video this past share with your friends here are some other interesting videos that you can watch just click the video on one side of the screen and remember Stay on the bright side of life

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