I Put Black Wallpaper on My Phone. It’s Not The Wrong Choice!

I Put Black Wallpaper on My Phone. It’s Not The Wrong Choice! Hi, let’s see what wallpaper you put on your cellphone to save time and money, you should replace the modern wafer with black but this trick doesn’t apply to all types of screens, let me explain why nowadays cellphone screens are usually LCD and AMOLED LCD is short for Liquid Crystal display screen type.

This is used on TV monitors and smart phones in it there are real crystals because they can’t emit light these crystals take advantage of the light source behind them this process requires a lot of power and the black wallpaper trick will not work on this type of cellphone every time the cellphone is active The pixels will also light up so that the color of the wallpaper will not affect the screen of new models, generally AMOLED type which has a Matrix keep and is made of organic material, this type of screen can produce its own light, so there is no need to illuminate the light from behind, the pixels can be turned off and dark black can be seen.

Amazing I Install Black Wallpaper on My Phone. It’s Not a Wrong Choice!

You can see that battery power will be much more durable if the wallpaper on your lockscreen and homescreen is solid black. The LCD screen function is indeed being improved, but it still lags behind OLED technology with this technology, the screen color will look more diverse, the shades of green and blue are more varied and The white color is pure without a mixture of blue, the photo will look brighter, with this technology, the phone screen can be bent and folded because the design is very thin. You want to save your cellphone battery but the screen is not.

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Lite to which social media and communication applications have other versions Mini or web programmer versions initially this version is designed to target a growing market and is specifically for phones with mediocre processors but this version is widely available worldwide and can work on many mobile phones at all have features base with a smaller capacity, faster performance and more energy efficient, know battery drain Mo look at battery usage then tap on the app that consumes the most battery move this section displays activity in various apps for 24 hours or 10 days.

If you don’t use the app very often but the battery consumption is the most there may be a bug try force closing and reinstalling if the phone screen wants OLED select dark mode most applications such as social media applications and Mother’s readers are equipped with dark mode compared to the regular version this mode can save up to 60% power looks more fashionable and can reduce eye strain when used in the dark set built-in GPS if you are an Android user change your location model to device only and turn off wi-fi and bluetooth scanners in location settings on iPhone disable all location services or turn off s features like popular near me Location based training and set time zone in step location services disable.

Hey If you don’t really need it this function is very battery draining because the phone is always waiting for you to say these powerful words Google Assistant is also the same this function will also track your location for provides the most useful information so just turn it off unless you depend on it don’t turn on automatic updates refreshes apps in the background always keeps apps up to date.

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More Black Wallpaper on My Phone

This activity also records your habits of using your phone so it will overtake you before you activate it as a result your phone battery will drain it’s best to disable and update your favorite apps manually when the battery is just turn off all features that are not in use turn off your hotspot Unless you are sharing mobile data wi-fi also doesn’t need to be on 24 hours a day for seven days a week

If you have this your phone will continue to search If the hotspot is on, turn off the bluetooth when you’re not using a wireless headset, reduce movement, some phones have a motion function in the background when moving the gadget, the application icon and the background seem to move too, so it will waste battery power, live and dynamic wallpapers are the same, just use static really needed.

Even in silent mode vibration consumes a lot of energy Never mind just turn off all sounds on your phone for the sake of battery no if you are an Android user try the lockscreen application you can set it to display only the most important information no need to bother turning it on multiple times notifications from application selection of upcoming events weather music player take and send selfie photos everything can be displayed with the lockscreen application the duration can also be set to save more battery turn off a few pixels of your screen manually.

Conclusion I Put Black Wallpaper on My Phone. It’s Not The Wrong Choice!

To activate this function install the app ication on mobile phones is based on because the pixels are very large the difference will not be so observable yes maybe the screen will be slightly dimmed the number of pixels that will be turned off You can set it depending on the amount of power you want to be great turn off the database when it turns on your phone will download email from the server automatically you will indeed always updated with information.

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But your battery will run out quickly as an alternative, set the frequency for example every 15 minutes to every hour the difference will really feel clean cash or just transfer cash to me they want to be sure that you no longer need temporary files or those that have accumulated just delete it regularly so that your phone doesn’t get full and gets hot often.

Hey your battery will last longer use the latest apps the latest apps have better security features the chapters are also fixed so they’re more battery friendly and backup your phone Don’t stop unused apps and let this application run in the background this way you don’t need to restart everything which will consume a lot of energy when the application is updated Oh yes. right Hey If you learned something new today Click the like button on this video then share it with your friends here are some other interesting videos you can watch just click on the video on one side of the screen and remember Stay on the bright side of life.


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