If Your Phone Turns Off Suddenly, Change Your Habits

If Your Phone Turns Off Suddenly, Change Your Habits, Hi Ho Hai Did you know that cellphones can also get sick like us in the morning only your cellphone doesn’t ask for medicine or hot tea but it will become sluggish it won’t work even suddenly so let’s diagnose or disease and what you can do to overcome this operating system update is the simplest and harmless reason.

The others are a bit scary but we will discuss it later maybe the app developer released a new software which is still in trial mode and the phone shut down problem is happening to many people not just you.

The software developer might be issuing an update to solve the problem so don’t panic and if not just tell in review the app it expands will definitely check it and try to solve the problem asap app update app may become incompatible with the phone due to error the phone developer launched such an app can’t process still mistakenly then turns off you will know what it is The problem with doing a reset the phone may suddenly turn itself off due to an internal program or operating system.

what If Your Phone Turns Off Suddenly, Change Your Habits

Failure problems like this are hard to identify so system repair can help on Android phones you can reset all phone settings wipe system operation and re-installing or replacing important followers don’t forget to back up all your data hardware problems One of the reasons for unstable operation of the cellphone is external damage such as burning internal circuits due to letting the phone get sunburnt or hot in cold temperatures can also slow down the processor work and yes we all you must have accidentally dropped your phone everything seems fine when you pick it up again but over time you start to see a problem.

The cause it may be that a small part of the phone is damaged or becomes loose after one cell phone case maybe your phone case is too tight or doesn’t fit so pressing the power button you have to check it again just in case but this is most likely caused by the battery I didn’t say the phone turned off when the battery was zero percent yes maybe your phone died even though the battery was still 50 % or the phone often shuts down when it’s cold Yep it seems the battery performance has deteriorated.

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Luckily you don’t have to replace it there are many apps even the default phone app that can check the condition of your battery you’ll know when it’s time to buy a new battery Well because the battery is a common cause the phone dies suddenly here’s how to maintain battery quality and prevent your phone from turning off if your phone is old unplug the charger cable when the battery is full.

This is not a problem on new phones because charging will stop automatically when the battery is 100% the term phone power as often as possible but a little slow kit If you always charge it from zero to 100% the battery will only last about 500 charging cycles or about a year and a half that cycle is doubled which is three years or a thousand cycles If you charge it often and keep the battery power between 40 to 80% but you should let the battery fully drain and charge it to 100% about once a month such an exercise will help calibrate the mechanism indicating the correct charge level if your phone suddenly shuts down at 30% battery it may need calibration whatever battery quality program you are using.

Phone Turns Off Suddenly

Maybe you need to replace it once every 34 years those programs are not forever Okay the phone died suddenly and bad battery was discussed Then what about lags could be the problem with the first Ramo a little overview RAM or random access memory Responsible for all processes that occur on the phone or tablet usually RAM the problem will be like this you just bought the phone didn’t have time to install anything and the speed is very good cramp is not met by various applications and the processor runs tasks easily then you use the phone for a long time and little by little the phone starts to slow down the processes that run simultaneously increase and when the phone is turned on, all processes turn on automatically, this burdens RAM and the processor takes time to think before responding to requests. The longer you use the phone, the longer it takes time to load the game.

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Crashes appear and you get annoyed. So what causes the virus, no need to panic. very small if you use an iPhone but sorry for Android users your chances are a bit higher it could be a virus sending your data such as browser history or geolocation to advertisers a virus type gap which is a bit light but can still slow down your phone you should check your phone regularly ra periodically with intruder antivirus software.

Once again the chance of intruders is not as big as other causes which I will describe later but no one wants their cellphones to be entered by criminals, intruders can enter your cellphone through an untrusted Wifi connection, they will give you what you open, email the file sent to you via Bluetooth or fake apps that you tried and then this intruder can manage data hear your calls and interfere with your privacy of course all this will affect your phone’s performance.

If this happens to you Delete all those dubious apps change all your passwords update software and don’t try it carelessly again heavy apps let’s get rid of this terrible possibility Let’s discuss more common issues that slow down your phone’s performance like heavy apps these apps take up a lot of phone resources then your phone is no longer strong enough to keep up with simple tasks like chatting or snapping apps asi takes too long to load the phone becomes overloaded and stops looking for which apps are sucking all your phone power and get rid of the unneeded.

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Apps too many light apps asa heavy programs a lot of small apps running in the background can slow down the performance of the phone any of the apps use geolocation services other pps always update news third apps even work even when not in use Again if you don’t need it turn off or delete that app from settings you can also download a program that stops background apps and only activates them.

Conclusion From If Your Phone Turns Off Suddenly, Change Your Habits

When you use them lack of storage space before deleting game photos and favorite videos to free memory check KMU And other unnecessary Trash let’s say you have a long paint on Messenger you have a lot of videos give me music and other files in this chat window can’t save all data it automatically and fills memory a special cleaning program might help detect that unnecessary data you do n’t even need to delete whole conversations with your friends.

All your dialogue files will be saved on Messenger server after this cleaning and you can upload them anytime or how about our photo albums often take a lot of photos and choose the best one later but the problem is we forgot to do that second step and all those photos accumulate in memory for years Certain apps can analyze your photo container choose the best one and discard the rest.

If you don’t want to leave this job to a robot check it out yourself and if you’ve deleted all the unnecessary data from your phone but the memory is still not enough better use Cloud storage then you’ll have unlimited space for all your adorable pet photos and videos Hey wanna see f auto keep the song Hey If you learn something new today Click the like button on this video then share it with your friends here are some other interesting videos you can watch just click the video on one side of the screen and remember Stay on the bright side of life.

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