Try These 31 Powerful Tricks to Make Your Old-School Phone Last Longer

Try These 31 Powerful Tricks to Make Your Old-School Phone Last Longer, Hi hi Hi Okay don’t be angry first, try to listen carefully, it seems that all the functions on your smart phone you are not using optimally but calm down, we can fix it.

Here are some smartphone features that you may never know, number one extends the battery life of the screen that too bright is not good for eyesight Also it can shorten battery life drastically reduce its brightness raised by 30 to 50% or just use auto brightness.

Feature Smart phones have built-in machines which require a lot of power to operate the vibration function but this does not apply to ringtones so that people around you don’t feel bothered, just activate silent mode and put the cellphone near you you will know when the phone is on GPS or lover is very helpful when you are hunting for the nearest Pizza Restaurant.

The drawback is this service drains your battery completely set location services and use s You also need to be able to determine which applications can use this feature, turn off voice notifications in your email settings to extend your phone’s battery life and then change it to fans. This way you can check email on schedule instead of whenever you like.

Here’s Try These 31 Powerful Tricks to Make Your Old-School Phone Last Longer

Of all the components on your cellphone, the screen is the one that drains the most energy. do you often forget to turn off the screen when you’re not using your phone, should you turn the timeout layer on to the lowest setting your battery will last much longer actually always charging the phone until it’s full is not good for the battery So unplug the cable after the battery is 80% charged and recharge it still above 20% don’t paint for too long Give 10-15 minutes to charge it whenever possible in the charging pot often a lot of lint and dirt comes from your clothes pocket be diligent in cleaning it with a katenbat or toothpick yes as often as you play your cell phone will know for yourself that charging your cellphone will be more effective

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Hi every time you check an SMS or missed call the wallpaper turns on and continues to consume power as well as live wallpapers or other moving wallpapers, therefore you should always use black and white wallpaper, it will look cooler and also elegant, what’s more, it can save your cellphone battery a lot if you always activate the Auto Screen rotate function Moe’s battery will be completely drained.

a special sensor called the accelerometer continues to run in the background and is always on standby when you turn your phone just disable this function when you don’t need it you will feel the difference you know why your cellphone sometimes hangs and can’t be operated Well because your cellphone battery continues to use at night so don’t forget to turn off your cellphone every night er the battery is cold number two useful setting trick if the battery is low your phone is running low and you don’t want to wait long for it to charge just turn on airplane mode this is the best option to charge your phone much faster than usual airplane mode blocks all incoming and outgoing signals which usually drain the battery

Hi if you have an iPhone and iPad use it iPad adapter to charge iPhone no Calm down the battery, the stronger the adapter, the faster your cellphone battery will charge Hi when writing an important letter or message Usually we need to think twice before sending it so we often write the text many times iPhone and iPad users can use it Shake to undo feature to delete all text that has been typed just shake the phone twice and then press the gamble pop-up window when you use free applications or games often annoying ads appear If you don’t want to pay for the premium version which is ad-free change your phone to mode plane and enjoy your favorite apps without any distractions.

But don’t be happy just yet you may miss an important phone call if someone finds your lost phone he can find you with the help of the function available on Android and iOS this function can save the name of the email address and other mobile number to the system so that he can contact you You can also add information about your closest blood type and other medical information if something unexpected happens, this way the doctor’s job becomes easier and more effective.

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Powerful Tricks to Make Your Old-School Phone

Hi Aldio timer on IOS can also turn off all audio on your cellphone at a certain time to activate it, enter the timer first. then select the time period press Wenti means and select start playing at the bottom select set and run your timer when the timer is off all audio playing will also stop Now you can sleep soundly accompanied by music without worrying about having to check your phone

When you wake up gin to read mom and use you at the same time without having to switch screens just activate the dual window mode to do it Open the desired app hold down the task list button to the right of the home button But unfortunately not all Smartphones are equipped with this mode with special features in Android someone find your phone the lost can see the message that you put on the lockscreen you can ask him to return your phone go to settings lockscreen security lock screen Signature then write your backup phone number and email address there your smart phone can also function as a dashboard camera in your car just put your phone on the dashboard to get the perfect street view if you like fiddling with your phone and always use it at once just change

The settings like an expert to do it you need to go to the developper menu press setting about sound clip seven times on the model number congrats you are already a developer by using this method you can improve the overall performance of signal capture quality and display the system wants to save battery and keep your eyes healthy then use your smartphone in monochrome mode when reading enter more bellaver and look for simulated annealing then switch to monocrome mode Now the color of the phone screen will be black and white the memory storage of the cellphone can usually be added with a memory card or cloud storage but you can also use a messaging application.

In addition some of them can be used to send file links and text to yourself enter your cellphone number or idea and start conversation number three iPhone feature you can create a notification vibration pattern mo pour the application settings on your iPhone then press on Sounds and Select the alert type in the sauce and vibration list press vibration Create new vibration start recording and tap in the middle of the screen according to the series of Vibrations you want then stop recording and save the pattern the results will be saved in the fiber section.

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Really good ringtone in the special pattern section you made to activate Birds mode on your smartphone press and hold the camera shutter your phone will be able to take many photos at once if If you like taking panoramic photos with your iPhone, you know how to make your object go the other way, it’s really inconvenient, just tap on the arrow on the screen.

It’s done. One of the most popular basic apps on the iPhone is the calculator. There’s a clever trick to use it. If you make a typo, just say your finger. to the left or right of the number so that the last digit will be deleted number 4 Android features if you prefer to listen to text than read it go to accessibility settings and turn on the text-to-speech output option go to settings security device administrators check the box at the same ping Android Device Manager trimulti locaties Device and Lauren outlet Anywhere is if you lose your phone you can find its location and then block your phone without losing data via a special website if you want to lend a kid’s face phone who wants to play games or to your friends you need guest mode which only exists on Android phones.

Conclusion Of Try These 31 Powerful Tricks to Make Your Old-School Phone Last Longer

The way it works is the same as the features on the computer. This mode keeps your data safe so no one can see it or it is suddenly deleted. Besides that, your cellphone will look clean to the guest so that he is comfortable using it. jesters this way you will be able to zoom in on certain parts of the screen by tapping on it, you don’t have to bother buying a separate modem or router to enjoy internet on other devices, just use your smart phone to go to the steering and portable hotspot and turn on the portable WLAN hotspot, it’s easy

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