Turning Your Phone into a Cool Gadget at Home

Turning Your Phone into a Cool Gadget at Home, Hi Ho Hi, you are bored at home, you need to be busy, so take your cell phone and try it on Aiseru. Plus, this is useful, just use tools such as paper cups, toilet tissue bottles and hair clips to turn your phone into a cool gadget, use paper clips to make a cellphone back, Put the three clips together and then put your cellphone in one of the slots, it’s comfortable to use for watching videos and multi-gadgets pray dirty. You can also use toilet paper.

Don’t throw it away when your problem is finished, make a hole in the middle and put the phone in there so it doesn’t fall, attach 4 nails, wall tape, buffer tape Oh How If you use a hair clip, this tool is very useful when you are on a video call. Turn on your cellphone’s flashlight and then put a water bottle on it. Mother’s cell turns into a bright enough room light for a party at home.

You can also fill the bottle with colored water or juice to make the party more enjoyable. fun Play music on your phone then download h in the cup the sound will sound louder you and your friends can also download the application to play music at the same time activate the application and prepare several cups the music will be louder you can also make cheap speakers with a paper hood and toilet roll roll irol hole then insert the speaker phone part there, make a circular hole in 2K plastic the size of a roll.

Amazing Turn Your Phone Into a Cool Gadget at Home

Now turn on the music, call on the projector to show up, prepare a luckyland shot shoe case and a piece of cardboard. Make a hole in the shoe holder the size of a Loop. Paste the hole and insert the cell into the shoe case. Face the club’s phone screen to adjust the focus, slide your phone with carton, prepare popcorn, turn off the light and turn on the film. Yey, it’s time to spread out, don’t use wet wipes to clean the phone screen.

The protective layer can be damaged for alcohol and water solutions on a 1 to 1 scale, use a soft cloth like the eyeglass cleaning cloth, don’t soak it, just spray it gently wipe it with the solution before wiping your phone to clean it while you’re charging but there’s no place to put the phone roll the cord into a small triangle to put the phone or use a rubber band to tie the phone to the charging adapter with a rubber band You can also attach the phone to the cupboard handle the kitchen drives away your boredom while washing dishes or cooking, change your regular cable to be curly to make it more concise, wrap the cable on a pencil, put tape on both ends, then heat it with a hairdryer.

Done make your own bumper case to reduce the impact on the corner of the cellphone, prepare a silicone bracelet, attach the bracelet around the phone use a pen to mark the headphone port of the charger and the other part cut out the hole in the hole and then wrap it around your cellphone if you don’t use the pen, take the pr and wrap it around the end of the charger so the pr doesn’t move, glue it with masking tape or tape si with a burnt cable sleeve disguise scratches and cracks on the screen with toothpaste, apply a small amount on a cotton swab and then gently wipe it over the cracked part, be careful when wiping the area near other imported speakers, use nail polish to decorate your cellphone first, cover the cable with tape to tidy up the lines that you will decorate with your favorite color, remove the tape and dry it.

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Turning Your Phone into a Cool Gadget at Home

You can also decorate your charging adapter with colored tape to make it look the most different so it won’t be confused with chargers belonging to other residents in your house, if you are lazy to bring a wallet, just put it down credit card or cash in your case, use an old candy can as an earphone holder.

You can also decorate it with patterned nail polish or masking tape. Wow, it will be more economical and you can use used items instead of throwing them away. Right or use debit clothes to tidy up the earphones. The cable won’t be messy or messy. It’s broken and if it’s colored first, it looks prettier with the Lego toy hand. Perfect for holding the charging cable, just glue it with tape or glue.

You don’t have to bend over when you pick up your charger. If you’re lazy to write a grocery list, just take a picture of the contents of your fridge and kitchen. before going shopping make homemade raindrops to produce artistic shots with a spray bottle or garden hose Ask someone to stand behind the camera while spraying water while you take the photo don’t forget to adjust the light so the drops look clear bluish

Hi Put a drop of water on the MU camera lens and slowly Turn the camera over to an object, for example a grain of salt, don’t be a microscope, but remember that your phone must be waterproof. When you’re taking selfies, pressing the shutter button can be a challenge. Use the volume buttons to take pictures or when your hands have trouble taking photos.

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Headphones and use the volume buttons that are there when you record concert videos the sound always sucks Cover the microphone with your finger Write down your name and email address along with the contact numbers of your friends or relatives if you lose your phone a good inventor will be able to contact you And here are some quick tips your battery lasts a long time don’t call when your cell phone signal is weak.

Conclusion Turning Your Phone Into a Cool Gadget at Home

Hi the weaker the signal will be the more battery power is drained remove the case before charging it during charging the battery will heat up this hot will be easier to remove when the case is also removed tech experts suggest we should spend it last recharges from zero to 100% Once a month these tips help flow Brazil the part where the charge level is correct but not often Yes the battery can be damaged use an iPad charger adapter to charge your iPhone the charging time will be faster.

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