Various Gadgets Replaced by Your Smartphone

Various Gadgets Replaced by Your Smartphone, Hey, when you look at used things at home like you, if you’re bored, I think what things have been replaced by smart phones. There are a lot of them. Let’s see.

Did you know that your cellphone screen can function as a trackpad, just connect it via Bluetooth and you can say goodbye? stay on your computer mouse booze with every new model launch Smartphone camera quality is getting better and better I guess I don’t need this big DSLR camera anymore to take professional pictures.

Oh yes I also have a light meter for amateur photography to measure light intensity to adjust exposure to your camera Well now there is an app for that a few years ago it felt like a school Jogan event would not be complete without parents bringing video cameras nowadays they just need a Smartphone to record your embarrassing moments And share them with people online.

This Is Why Various Gadgets Replaced by Your Smartphone

With technologists i modern streaming we no longer need to download your favorite songs my ipot has replaced CDs and MP3 players all your music and dream books Will the bookshelf be a memory Alright Maybe I’ll donate it to the nearest library still remember How hard it is to count Tabs for waiters or how much your grocery tax pays Well now there is always a calculator near you Sorry little things it’s time for you to be friends with dust ah this voice recorder is a savior when there is a long lecture 3 credits.

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Now I forgot to print a summary of banking transactions a waste of paper Hey online banking applications are ready to tell you the remaining balance in savings and I can easily easy to pay bills transfer money even deposit checks by taking pictures talk about finances with various modern systems of payment via Mobile You no longer need to carry Cards or cash.

When you travel Hey accountants My dear sorry tab but with the second note application Only I can plan and manage my own finances so it’s not wasteful Goodbye with Augmented Reality You can test the design of the room without going to the store to see examples of paint colors just choose the color or wallpaper and see your room renovation design through the camera Who needs my fall giant in size.

When you have recipes for various foods from around the world in your hands I don’t even read the recipes right now there is a video that shows step by step some of these games lose the dice Wow now you don’t have to worry because there is a virtual dice and match application especially your cellphone won’t fall under the table or get stuck we used to spend millions of rupiah to buy portable gaming devices but today’s cellphones can accommodate more games and there is also the option of playing online with friends, try to be honest, you must set 10 alarms at once and then they will Sounds at a distance of 2 minutes, can a conventional alarm clock do it, of course not?

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Well, where is the TV remote, why is it always missing, it turns out that you can set your phone to change TV channels or turn on Netflix, in fact, I no longer need a garage opener.

Tips Gadgets Replaced by Your Smartphone

Ctomatically adds your scheduled appointments then sends you a reminder Oh you also need a moon phase calm weather forecast huh Even that one can forget a notebook with your smartphone the app can help you figure it out make a to-do list of school notes memos and ideas for future projects All in one place without worrying about losing your writing Newspapers only end up wrapping crockery when moving I love reading news online on my phone.

I even notify you when there’s news a portable DVD player is available old fashioned on long trips everyone except the driver streams his favorite shows watching videos on Youtube or movies on their phones their respective webcams too Wow it’s an antique with your smartphone’s front camera no need to worry your friends won’t see your picture clearly because the pixels are messy Hey tool measure yes in the application for that like this measuring meter you can measure distance only with your smartphone camera barcode scanner for what yes my cellphone can do the same thing scan the barcode of any product in the store instantly.

I can see reviews compare prices and others before you u need to carry a flash drive everywhere in case anyone wants to share photos, music or whatever now you can upload it to Cloud Drive in just seconds and enjoy it at home Finally I can get rid of this cooking timer I don’t even use your oven my cell phone always accompanies me so you don’t have to worry about not hearing the time reminder sound.

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Conclusion From Various Gadgets Replaced by Your Smartphone

If you are in another room as well as this guitar tuner, it seems I have a new motto, there is always an application first if we need internet access in remote places we have to buy a portable modem with a personal hotspot function on the cellphone this old device is no longer in use Is it just me or do you also use a laptop or computer less often after having a smart phone.

Have to pay more for cable tv and have a lot of channels that you don’t even watch ah a collection of foreign language phrase books on an exchange student to Barcelona Well now instead of flipping through the pages looking for the word I need I can search for the translation instantly Sorry but Adio agrees right now no one else needs a dictionary.

Google knows everything and my phone is always correcting the spelling mess Ah the last thing I should have thrown away this old landline phone is no longer needed Okay so now What do I do with this pile of stuff handyman flea Gray If you learned something new today Click the like button in this video then share it with your friends here are some other interesting videos you can watch just click the video on one side of the screen and remember Stay on the bright side of life

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