We Can’t See The Phone In A Dream, Here’s Why

We Can’t See The Phone In A Dream, Here’s Why, squid your words know the feeling you are in a familiar place but everything is a bit strange there is a stranger chasing you the directions look absurd you usually look for your phone but ca n’t find it you are in a dream and this is why the situation is so different from what reality is a dream is basically a mind trying to reconstruct reality and failing in a dream everything gets mixed up and messed up by our subconscious thoughts and feelings.

It is the emotional side of the brain that builds this world not the logical side which is more in control when you wake up so why we never see our Smartphones in our dreams the same applies to cars and other technologies.

when you dream props come from the human mind which is older and refers more to genetic memory than your own memory Cars and Smartphones have recently appeared in life Well and the brain isn’t used to it yet it also explains why about 12 percent of people dream in black and white this may never happen to people aged 25 and under people who grew up with black and white television experience dreams.

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That are also monochromatic one study in the 40s showed that 75 % young people at that time saw most of their dreams in gray Why can’t you write or read messages the two halves of the brain that help translate language are mostly inactive while you sleep this is a great trick to know you are dreaming try reading a book or reading a clock You won’t be able to do it even Are you sure you or someone else is actually talking communication in dreams is often more like telepathy.

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Besides that you sometimes get weird slang in more, yes like this the person you meet in your dream can’t possibly be casing an unknown person who chasing you you’ve seen them maybe even A brief encounter with a list of strangers You don’t remember all these faces but the brain remembers yes and uses them to fill your dreams with characters Why these very strange dreams may be closely related to the metaphors we use in our speech and thoughts every day dreams may become literal when you turn off the logical side of the brain then suddenly you see a flying pig in your dream.

What the dream means mostly depends on the person but experts attribute some recurring themes to problems and events in real life, misdressing in a dream usually means fear of being unprepared for something falling can signify anxiety and feeling out of control failing an exam in a dream can mean you are putting too much pressure on yourself and stress.

As for flying you feel a lot of freedom and hope about something and enough there is no such thing as a dreamless night even we see several dreams in one mall sleep has stages and it may be one of two types of rem and non rem means sleep with fast eye movements and yes your eyes move very fast while you are in this phase of sleep most dreams occur during brake sleep phase you go through several of these Phases in your sleep one night each longer than the previous one Why is it so hard to remember dreams the part of the brain that helps form memories of the last sleep and maybe the last one to wake up this part can take up to two minutes.

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The Phone In A Dream, Here’s Why

after you wake up to act but by then you’ve forgotten most of it your dreams other dreams are just reflections of ordinary activities so the dreams are not memorable you can train yourself to remember dreams in the morning me notes about your dreams in the first 2 minutes after you Hi hand write the notes with pen and paper to deepen the effect without gadgets over time you will write more details easier to uk remembers dreams on weekends due to longer nights sleep Means longer brake phase.

Can blind people see dreams usually Visual but people blind from birth still have dreams filled with sounds and even smells people who lost sight at one time in their life they see dreams Visuals but fade over the years the part of the brain that processes visual information becomes less active over time blind people who train their brains to remember forget things can see better in dreams.

Can dreams help you learn better really this has something to do with the brain filters that information and stores the data it needs Hi during one study people tried to memorize maze maps on computers people who had a short nap afterwards could go through them faster and with fewer mistakes Can dreams make you more creative.

Many ideas are fully formed in people’s dreams who dream after spending days thinking about it intensively but something delays that yureka moment this something dies in their sleep and big ideas like the periodic table of elements or sewing machine are created .

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How to avoid nightmares remembering and analyzing nightmares can help expel him from your dreams for example you often see yourself falling in dreams after thorough analysis you will remember this nightmare when you see it later with it you will be able to change the outcome of events and take control for example starting to fly or landing on any giant gamber that pops into your mind.

Conclusion From We Can’t See The Phone In A Dream, Here’s Why

Hello is there a difference between a nightmare and a sleep terror If you suddenly wake up from a bad dream and my body is sweating You may experience a sleep terror instead of a nightmare it occurs when the alarm in your mind goes off when you switch to deep sleep at this point the body is awake.

But the mind is not k falling asleep usually happens at the same time every night so you can prevent it experts say you can set an alarm 30 minutes before this time to reset your sleep Can you make yourself have a nice dream the things you think about before you fall asleep have a big impact on your dreams later on so that your dreams Beautiful, avoid thinking about work or anything that bothers you, better think about distant places you always want to visit.

Sounds like white draw or white noise, waves or rain are also sweet dreams stimulants, if the volume is low, the scent of lavender will also help you. Good night. you learned something new today Click the like button in this video then share it with your friends here are some other interesting videos you can watch just click the video on one side of the screen and remember Stay on the bright side of life.

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