Why 3G Phones Are Sometimes Faster than 4G

Why 3G Phones Are Sometimes Faster than 4G, Hi So here’s the story you’re trying to show your grandma a funny video about cats But when you managed to make the video your grandma has fallen asleep maybe your wifi is too slow or There’s something else or someone to blame.

Okay let’s break down the chances your Brother is in the wrong place the further away you go all you have to do is get your wi-fi signal getting weaker in strength not to mention obstacles like walls, floors, doors and even TVs that can deteriorate the signal ideally the modem should be placed in the middle of your house and mounted on the wall too much use in one internet connection if someone is watching a movie XD on the room next to your internet may slow down or if you live in an apartment it could be that your neighbor is using the same channel so that the connection becomes too crowded.

Why Here’s 3G Phones Are Sometimes Faster than 4G

Household appliances like microwaves, doorbells, wireless bluetooth devices and even hair dryers can swallow sin. Yes, the Wifi of these devices uses a frequency similar to the new mo gadgets route, equipped with a choice of frequencies that can be used. If possible, choose the 5 GHz band, sometimes the network will work too slowly if the problem is on the home network, maybe you can change the subscription package and increase the speed . public networks check the priority settings of the WiFi network on your phone.

You can choose which network will automatically connect when you are in range and only rely on free hotspots if there is no good Wifi connection. Other gadgets that are not working properly may be the cause of your wireless network adjusting. the speed is with the gadget whose performance is the slowest if the cellphone has various networks with snails then the internet network will not run faster than the snail if you use a mobile data plan there may be several other reasons for your location.

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If you are in a crowded place such as a concert, parade and so on, far from Cellular towers or in a thick walled building, chances are you will not get a perfect 4G signal not to mention When it rains the signal can get worse because the high frequency waves used by your cellphone can’t Through the water, cellular network operators can also be the reason that some providers have reliable performance in certain areas, but poor in some places, especially in rural areas, smaller providers also have limited bandwidth, which results in slow internet, even though you live in an urban area, you may not be a top priority.

your cellular operator company, some providers only provide high-speed in the i when the provider slows down your internet after reaching a certain usage limit, let’s say you have an unlimited data package with a limit of X GB You may still have internet access but the speed is crawling at Z kilobits per second maybe your phone is confused about choosing between 3G 4G LTE or VJ each network it excels in certain areas.

3G Phones Are Sometimes Faster than 4G

Therefore, adjust your settings so that your phone always selects automatically. Fastest network. Also, turn off your wi-fi so that your cellphone connection is not ping-ponged between WiFi and data packages, maybe your sim card is not capable If you install a 3G SIM card on your phone 4G will not work optimally in Forge season, you can switch to Tujhe or 3G if needed, but the problem is that the performance is not optimal. VPN will also be a problem.

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Of course, VPN keeps your privacy when surfing in cyberspace and is safer, but if you are too far from the server and the encryption is very strong it will really slow down your internet bat server quality and number of users also affect the speed of ads consuming a lot of data and working power of the phone more than 60% of the time it takes to create a web page is spent loading these crazy ads just 1 script takes two seconds and it’s quite long on the internet.

check it out which apps are rarely used via the settings menu these apps also widgets can suck up a lot of extra data that works in the background you can also try light versions of popular apps including Messenger social media and YouTube.

How great your WiFi or data plan will be if your phone is old then the Internet speed will not be maximized lately old phones can’t keep up with the graphics and other requirements that modern applications and websites have, maybe kesmo is too full, that ‘s where the data from the various websites you visit comes down to initially making it load more fast but over time the data builds up to a few MB clear cache at least once a week manually or install a special app to help you clean it automatically.

Okay all possibilities have been checked Now here’s what you can do to close this case forever for faster internet before doing anything else test the speed online to see if your internet is really slower than it should be when doing so stop downloading or streaming video and stay away from your wireless router if network speed turns out to be okay try creating a different website on your phone while you’re in the location.

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a good signal maybe the problem is not with your device or network reboot route and restart your phone sometimes the gadget also feels tired or too hot like me if it’s been a while you don’t turn it off just restarting it can come its a miracle.

you can also try to turn on airplane mode for 1 minute then go back to WiFi or cellular data do network noise on iPhone you can choose reset Network asked general Thai for Android select reset mobile WiFi and bluetooth on Advanced option research.

Conclusion From Why 3G Phones Are Sometimes Faster than 4G

make sure you know all wifi passwords before doing so because the password will be deleted maybe you need the latest root or a WiFi extender if your house is big enough the tool will help spread the signal to remote places even though it is limited by concrete walls and that try to remove the Simo card carefully and then return it again if the sim card breaks.

it Maybe one of the causes of poor internet reception so replace the sim card if none of the tips above have worked to contact the call center provider it could be the problem is with the cable line or cellular signal tower sometimes changing the network configuration can help but this is the job of the internet provider no key If you learned something new.

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